Water Damaged Hard Drives from Flooding.


Water Damaged Hard Drives.

Water Soaked Hard Drive After A Hurricane or Flooding: Not sure what to do…THEN DON'T DO ANYTHING Yet! Don't Let Your Wet Hard Drive to Dry! Don't Power On Your Wet Hard Drive.  Traces of  salt or foreign matter in your hard drive is all that is needed to permanently scratch or corrode your platters and DESTROY your DATA. We have had many calls with regard to the East Coast Flooding. Therefore, RMD thought we should share some of our knowledge on what TO DO and what NOT TO DO if your hard drive gets wet, soaked or contaminated after a hurricane or major flood. What Happens When Hard Drives Get Flooded or Wet? Here are the major challenges that a user will … [Read More...]

Understanding Seagate Firmware Failures and Performing Data Recovery.

Seagate Hard Drive Firmware Failure:

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Firmware Failures: You may note problems with your Seagate Barracuda  7200.11 hard drive  family model hard drive. The reported problem has shown specific Seagate hard drive  failures reporting a  0 GB size or not show up in BIOS during a post. This means your data stored on your failed Seagate hard drive will not be accessible until the Seagate hard drive failure is “repaired”. The Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 firmware failure is typically a result of critical firmware modules that have become damaged. The table below shows the affected Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 model that may be affected. Family + Hard Drive Model Affected Firmware … [Read More...]

Flash Memory Recovery. Digital Photo Recovery

flash memory recovery

Flash Memory Recovery.

     Flash Memory Recovery:  Flash memory is a storage media where your data is stored on a non-volatile computer storage chip that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. The primary applications for flash memory are: memory cards, USB flash drives, iPhones, iPods, pda’s, solid state hard drives along with all types of associated electronic devices.   We … [Read More...]

Recognize RAID Server Failures.

understanding hard drive recovery

RAID Hard Drive Failure.

  RAID Hard Drive Failure: A RAID server failure or computer failure can occur in many ways.  A server failure or computer failure could be a result of a some type of hard drive failure. The hard drive failure can either be a physical hard drive failure or a logical hard drive failure. Since this is the most serious type of  RAID server failure or computer failure, we will discuss … [Read More...]

RAID Server

Understand Your RAID Server Failure.

RAID Server Failure: A RAID server failure can take place for many reasons. Most RAID server failures are typically attributed to a logical RAID server failure.  However, a physical RAID server failure can also cause a logical RAID server failure or a failure of a NAS or SAN storage device. Most of the RAID data recoveries we have seen are attributed to a logical RAID server failure.  The … [Read More...]

Exchange Server 2010

Exchange Email Recovery.

 Exchange Email Data Recovery: Exchange Email Recovery:  Our findings indicate that most Exchange Email Servers fail because:  An improper shutdown occurred due to faulty UPS or human error.  A Virus attacked the exchange Email server.  A partition table got corrupted (Logical Hard Drive Failure).  A Physical hard drive failure occurred.  The Jet engine failed and was … [Read More...]

Buffalo NAS Recovery


Buffalo NAS Data Recovery.

Buffalo Terastation - NAS & RAID Recovery Buffalo Technology, a manufacturer of RAID, NAS, and other storage devices, are now available at affordable prices. As a result, you may find a Buffalo RAID or NAS devices in your office or attached to your home computer. Using a Buffalo Technology RAID or NAS device is putting your data one step closer to having your critical business and or … [Read More...]