About RMD

Why RMD Started Performing Data Recovery Services?

Hard Drive Failure

Over Eight years ago, before RestoreMyData existed, we had a data failure. Our customer information, database, account receivables and invoices were lost.

 Fortunately, we identified the cause of the data failure and we were successful in recovering our lost data without using any data recovery software or having to use an outside data recovery company.

 We then quickly realized how important our business data was to us and how devastating it would have been had the data lose be permanent.

 Every time a business or individual tells us how they lost their data, we know exactly where they are coming from and how important it is for them to get their data back.  So we take data loss and data recovery very seriously.

 What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition? 

  • We take every action possible to recover your data.
  • Data recovery is our primary business. 
  • We utilize the latest data recovery tools. 
  • We Provide Data Recovery Services at your location. 

Restore My Data Develops Data Recovery Technologies.

 As stated before, we started performing data recovery services, after we fell victim to a potential data loss situation. There were no words to describe the stress associated to loosing critical business information. We struggled with the recovery for a while. We then successfully recovered the data that was so important for us to run that business.

 At that point in time, RMD then became a business entity because we realized that many companies and individuals could benefit by using our data recovery services.  We researched and developed various Data Recovery Techniques needed to recover lost data resulting from physical hard drive failures, RAID failures and manually fixing corrupted files.

 Our technology now extends to all types of data recovery resulting from Crashed…

RAID Servers, Laptop crashes, Notebook hard drive failures, crashed USB external hard drives, USB Memory Sticks, Optical Media issues, Floppies that are not readable in a floppy reader and so on.

 The list goes on to include data recovery from failed Iomega Zip Disks, LTO, AIT, DDS, DLT Tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, IPods, PDA’s, Flash Memory, Digital San Disk SD memory cards, and so on. 

WHY USE RMD?   It's easy: We offer our No Data Recovered – No Charge Guarantee.

Our data recovery success is based on utilizing our innovative technical skills. Providing outstanding customer service and offering our “No Data – No Charge Policy”  is one way we reach out to help clients.

If your data is not recovered then there are no data recovery charges as long as your failed storage media has not been tampered with, and the hard drive seals are not broken.

We offer this policy because we know our data recovery success rate is very high and if you provide us with your failed media, the chances that we will recover your data is high.

If you need data recovery assistance, you are welcome to call RMD @  1- 877-888-9990

or email us >>  http://www.restoremydata.com/contact-us.php